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Fake vs Real Jeans

Real vs Fake Seven 7 For All Mankind Jeans

"Posted On ebay by a user "Unknown"
We thought we'd share this information with you on getting the real deal for 7FAM jeans. Here with what to look for when trying to find or authenticate 7FAMs (bear in mind that no one criterion is an absolute determinant of authenticity):
1) Virtually impeccable craftmanship: For authentic designer clothings, such as 7FAMs, there are absolutely no irregularities in the stitching, tailoring, spacing between the words on the labels, etc. A criterion that I always use is the flawless, perfectly centered top and bottom horizontal stitching of the belt loops that should not greatly exceed the boundaries of the flanking vertical stitches, and most definitely, will never run off the belt loop. Again, the stitching should be perfectly centered on the belt loop and symmetric respective to the vertical stitches.
Side Note: A highly imitated style right now are the crystal 7s. The crystals from authentic 7s are firmly glued and are highly reflective, and the backside of the mylar paper harboring the extra crystals (if present) should havesome descriptive text, such as 'SWAROVSKI', 'XILION', etc. etc. Further, if you can easily pick off a crystal, then those crystals along with the jeans are likely counterfeit.

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