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1st Stage of Making Jeans

Making a pattern starts with a thick durable paper.
Sample of one pair of jeans must be aproved first.
Wall of jean patterns stored until needed again.
One pair of jeans can have 12 to 16 pieces.

Companies have pattern makes exclusive.

Or hire a pattern makes per job or contract.

Many samples may be made before one gets approved.
Pattern, spec sheet and all the denim piece to make one sample.

Pocket designs can be hand drawn or computer drawn.

A sample room will have up to 14 different sewing machines.
Machines all have a different purpose to make one pair of jeans.
Thead comes in differnt thickness and color.
Expensive thread is a blend of cotton and nylon.
Patterns can be laid on paper to be traced.
Denim comes in many types of quality & weight..

Good quality fabric can cost up to $12.oo for one pair of jeans.

Computer programer puts many pattterns on a role of paper.
Paper then laid on top of the fabric out up to 100 layers.

Masked used for safety. Working conditions in a good factory.

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